Sunrise and sunset times in Vienna, Austria

Current local time: 11:21:53 PM (UTC+2)

Sun Direction: 335°29'51"
Sun Altitude: -25°21'53"
Distance to earth: 150,490,709 km
Sunrise Today: 5:46:45 AM, 69°8'56"
Sunset Today: 7:58:24 PM, 290°58'48"

00:00 - 3:42:48 AM

10:02:20 PM - 00:00

Total: 5:40:28
Astronomical Twilight:
3:42:48 AM - 4:30:32 AM

9:14:36 PM - 10:02:20 PM

Total: 1:35:28
Nautical Twilight:
4:30:32 AM - 5:12:51 AM

8:32:17 PM - 9:14:36 PM

Total: 1:24:38
Civil Twilight:
5:12:51 AM - 5:46:45 AM

7:58:24 PM - 8:32:17 PM

Total: 1:07:47

5:46:45 AM - 7:58:24 PM

Total: 14:11:39
  • Today, April 24

    • Sunrise
      5:46:45 AM
    • Sunset
      7:58:24 PM
    Day length 14 hours, 11 minutes +3 m 14 sec
  • Tomorrow, April 25

    • Sunrise
      5:44:58 AM
    • Sunset
      7:59:50 PM
    Day length 14 hours, 14 minutes +3 m 13 sec

April 2024 — Sun in Vienna

DateSunDay lengthAstronomical TwilightNautical TwilightCivil Twilight
2024SunriseSunsetSolar NoonLenthDifferenceStartEndStartEndStartEnd
April 1 Mon6:31 AM7:25 PM12:58 PM12:53:40+3:314:42 AM9:14 PM5:22 AM8:34 PM5:59 AM7:56 PM
April 2 Tue6:29 AM7:26 PM12:57 PM12:57:10+3:304:39 AM9:16 PM5:19 AM8:36 PM5:57 AM7:58 PM
April 3 Wed6:27 AM7:27 PM12:57 PM13:00:39+3:294:37 AM9:18 PM5:17 AM8:37 PM5:55 AM7:59 PM
April 4 Thu6:25 AM7:29 PM12:57 PM13:04:08+3:294:34 AM9:20 PM5:15 AM8:39 PM5:53 AM8:01 PM
April 5 Fri6:23 AM7:30 PM12:57 PM13:07:36+3:284:32 AM9:22 PM5:13 AM8:41 PM5:51 AM8:02 PM
April 6 Sat6:21 AM7:32 PM12:56 PM13:11:04+3:284:29 AM9:23 PM5:10 AM8:42 PM5:49 AM8:04 PM
April 7 Sun6:19 AM7:33 PM12:56 PM13:14:33+3:294:27 AM9:25 PM5:08 AM8:44 PM5:47 AM8:05 PM
April 8 Mon6:17 AM7:35 PM12:56 PM13:18:00+3:274:24 AM9:27 PM5:06 AM8:46 PM5:45 AM8:07 PM
April 9 Tue6:15 AM7:36 PM12:55 PM13:21:27+3:274:22 AM9:29 PM5:04 AM8:47 PM5:43 AM8:08 PM
April 10 Wed6:13 AM7:38 PM12:55 PM13:24:53+3:264:19 AM9:31 PM5:01 AM8:49 PM5:41 AM8:10 PM
April 11 Thu6:11 AM7:39 PM12:55 PM13:28:18+3:254:16 AM9:33 PM4:59 AM8:51 PM5:38 AM8:11 PM
April 12 Fri6:09 AM7:41 PM12:55 PM13:31:43+3:254:14 AM9:36 PM4:57 AM8:53 PM5:36 AM8:13 PM
April 13 Sat6:07 AM7:42 PM12:54 PM13:35:07+3:244:11 AM9:38 PM4:55 AM8:54 PM5:34 AM8:15 PM
April 14 Sun6:05 AM7:43 PM12:54 PM13:38:31+3:244:09 AM9:40 PM4:52 AM8:56 PM5:32 AM8:16 PM
April 15 Mon6:03 AM7:45 PM12:54 PM13:41:54+3:234:06 AM9:42 PM4:50 AM8:58 PM5:30 AM8:18 PM
April 16 Tue6:01 AM7:46 PM12:54 PM13:45:16+3:224:03 AM9:44 PM4:48 AM9:00 PM5:28 AM8:19 PM
April 17 Wed5:59 AM7:48 PM12:53 PM13:48:37+3:214:01 AM9:46 PM4:46 AM9:01 PM5:26 AM8:21 PM
April 18 Thu5:57 AM7:49 PM12:53 PM13:51:57+3:203:58 AM9:48 PM4:43 AM9:03 PM5:24 AM8:22 PM
April 19 Fri5:55 AM7:51 PM12:53 PM13:55:16+3:193:56 AM9:51 PM4:41 AM9:05 PM5:22 AM8:24 PM
April 20 Sat5:54 AM7:52 PM12:53 PM13:58:35+3:193:53 AM9:53 PM4:39 AM9:07 PM5:20 AM8:25 PM
April 21 Sun5:52 AM7:54 PM12:53 PM14:01:53+3:183:50 AM9:55 PM4:37 AM9:09 PM5:18 AM8:27 PM
April 22 Mon5:50 AM7:55 PM12:52 PM14:05:10+3:173:48 AM9:57 PM4:34 AM9:10 PM5:16 AM8:29 PM
April 23 Tue5:48 AM7:56 PM12:52 PM14:08:25+3:153:45 AM10:00 PM4:32 AM9:12 PM5:14 AM8:30 PM
April 24 Wed5:46 AM7:58 PM12:52 PM14:11:39+3:143:42 AM10:02 PM4:30 AM9:14 PM5:12 AM8:32 PM
April 25 Thu5:44 AM7:59 PM12:52 PM14:14:52+3:133:40 AM10:04 PM4:28 AM9:16 PM5:10 AM8:33 PM
April 26 Fri5:43 AM8:01 PM12:52 PM14:18:04+3:123:37 AM10:07 PM4:26 AM9:18 PM5:09 AM8:35 PM
April 27 Sat5:41 AM8:02 PM12:52 PM14:21:14+3:103:34 AM10:09 PM4:24 AM9:20 PM5:07 AM8:37 PM
April 28 Sun5:39 AM8:04 PM12:51 PM14:24:24+3:103:32 AM10:11 PM4:21 AM9:22 PM5:05 AM8:38 PM
April 29 Mon5:38 AM8:05 PM12:51 PM14:27:32+3:083:29 AM10:14 PM4:19 AM9:23 PM5:03 AM8:40 PM
April 30 Tue5:36 AM8:06 PM12:51 PM14:30:38+3:063:26 AM10:16 PM4:17 AM9:25 PM5:01 AM8:41 PM
Current sun position
5:46:45 AM
12:52:34 PM
7:58:24 PM